Data Logging Operations ( OPTIONAL )

IND-SCREEN allows the user to data logging periodically as daily, weekly or monthly. As;

  • USB Data recording
  • Record data as MS Excell format
  • Record data as Text format
  • Record pressure and temperature

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Web-based Connections and Remote Control ( OPTIONAL )

Chiller Web Bağlantı

This is an optional module that work based on internet communication with a static IP address, thus control the Chilling unit, Free-Cooler ( Dry- Cooler ) and Pumps station. This module allows you to do,

  • Data logging
  • Alarm reports
  • Weekly and monthly running reports
  • Instant access system parameters
  • Set temperature control
  • Visualization
  • Trend reports
  • More than one user
  • User customize

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Automatic E-mail Warning System ( OPTIONAL )

IND-SCREEN can able to report daily, weekly or monthy to the operators or a group of person. They can report as,

  • Fault graph on the period
  • Set temperature graph
  • Alarm frequency
  • Periodically preventions before hand
  • Have a direct communication to ERACO technical service and find the cause and effect.

Easy IOS and ANDROID Access ( OPTIONAL )

Easy access with IOS and Android based smart-phone’s web-browser to the chiller unit. All you need to settle up and static IP address to connect to the IND-SCREEN system.

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External 0-20 mA, 4-20 mA ve 0-10 V Signal Output ( STANDART )

IND – SCREEN Intellegent Control System able to give an analogue and digital output signals from the Chiller, Dry-Cooler and Pump station. This signals ca used for customer owned PLC Control system and other PLC based control systems. Therefore user can able to view the digital values on their own systems.