Chiller + Free-Cooling Optimization ( OPTIONAL )

Free Coolers ( Dry Coolers ) are used to cool down the cycling fluid by the ambient air condition. High performance Free Coolers are manufactured with copper tubes and corrugated aluminum fins which improve heat transfer coefficient and they are available for vertical and horizontal airflow. Being manufacturing with 5/8” copper tubes, Free Coolers are classified under two main groups which are vertical – horizontal airflow and V type – horizontal airflow and are available with a capacity range of 110 kW to 1420 kW; also available to produce in special design and different conditions.

Chiller A. Schulman 2018 İstanbul

Dry-Coolers are become very popular in industrial process nowadays. If the process cooling water need + 45 °C or more can be able to operate 12 months a year, If need + 10 °C or so can be able to operate 6-8 months a year ( depending on the location and altitude ).

This solution gives a significant energy saving. On the average chillers are consume energy 7 times more than Dry-Cooler systems. Therefore energy saving is become a must behavior nowadays so investors are turn to choose Dry-Cooler & Chiller systems together to reduce their energy costs.

IND – SCREEN Chiller + Dry-Cooler optimization system is a automation software that developed by ERACO. This systems allows to optimize the chiller and Dry-Cooler together with consuming a minimum energy and optimum performance.

 Chiller + Dry-Cooler Yearly Operational Chart

The working principles of the systems is basically control the 3-way valve, chiller unit(s), Dry-Coolers, pump stations and other external units synchronize together based on ambient temperature and humidity. For ex: Summer season, let’s say ambient temperature is + 35 °C system route the cold water from chiller to + 15 °C requested zone in the process and route the cold water from Dry-Cooler to + 45 °C requested zone in the process. In winter season, let’s say ambient temperature is + 10 °C System route the cold water supply only from Dry- Cooler to + 45 °C and + 15 °C requested zone in the process. That’s why consumers are save the chiller energy consumption 6-8 months per year.