Hibrit Chiller

Hybrid Chiller

ENE-D Air Cooled Hybrid Chiller

Chiller and dry cooler at the same time

Units in this series,air cooled chiller and dry cooler units are built with a single unit and a common control system to operate in a compact structure.According to the process requirement;

Chiller and dry cooler at the same time. (to different process lines)

Only chiller

Only dry-cooler

Above working options can be applied.Especially,when wanted low air temperature and high process water temperature make it possible to work for long periods of free cooling and high energy saving is realized.

All required operating modes are managed in a precise manner by means of the "freecooling kit" included in the device and the user doesn’t need any intervention.

Other than the specified capacities, the required chillers (can also be varied according to the number of compressors) and dry-cooler configurations can be easily created and applied.

Tandem 9 or 12 Hermetic Scroll Compressor
Freecooling system
Kyoto and Montreal Protocol complying new generation R-407C cooling fluid
Maximal energy saving by microprocessor control
Special Airtech condenser design in order to minimize air pressure losses
Surface coated condenser against corrosive environments
Low (manual) and high (automatic) pressurestate
7” Colour LCD Touch-screen (Protection Class IP65)
Check valve for each compressor at the pumping line
High efficient shell & tube type evaporator
Condenser with a large surface area and axial fan with a high air flow
Phase protection relay
Pressure sensors for fan regulation
Thermostatic expansion valve
Flow control (flow switch) against water flow irregularities
Electricity board hatch safety lock, main switch, emergency stop button and magnetic thermic protection
High surface stiffness, powder polyester dye against UV rays on galvanized sheet with high abrasion and wear resistance.
CE standards complying control panel