Extruder Film Inflation

ER.IC Extruder Film Inflation Cooler

Extruder Film Inflation Cooler

ERACO Film Inflation Cooler ER.IC series are manufactured to precise temperature control on the surface of plastic film extruder. Series are able to cool between 100 kg/h to 450 kg/h production output and increasing the production capacity up to %30. Thanks to microprocessor to control air inlet – outlet temperature and water inlet – outlet temperature; aim to reach high productivity with constant parameters. ERACO Film Inflation Cooler can able to maintain the desired film surface temperature without being bound to the ambient temperature. ERACO Film Inflation Coolers are compact units equipped with eliminator and air filter. Air filter is produced by using Hyper-Fiber technology on two side non-woven fabric filter and PVC eliminator used; therefore filter and eliminator refuse the materials (drops, dust, particles etc )to pass through the process. Easy removal filters are able to clean easily. Unit coils are hydrophilic epoxy coated. In this way; this design avoid the corrosion on the surface of coils due to condensed water on the other hand it helps to swipe the condensed water from the surface of the coils and easily discharge the water from the unit. Advantages;

  • Improved film quality
  • Increased productivity up to %30.
  • Increased transparency and luminosity of the film
  • Constant high production capacity
  • Hydrophilic epoxy coated coils